Monday, May 25, 2009

It's 1943!

It's the middle of the war and things could still go either way for our boys. D Day is still more than a year away, and the slog to get there will be hard. Back on the homefront, it's Decoration Day, which means a big parade down main street with lots of flag waving and patriotism, something we need right now. After the parade, we can take in a movie. Casablanca and Mrs. Miniver are playing in town, but that sounds too heavy right now. With all the boys gone overseas, the town is pretty empty and I don't want to think about what could happen to them at any time. Maybe something light, like a musical... Hello Frisco Hello is playing at the Arlington in Los Angeles, and you KNOW how I love Alice Faye. We could just take the streetcar over still get home before 10. But first, I think, some breakfast.

Thank heavens I have my collection of ration book recipes. It's the end of the month and I have next to nothing left! Tonight I'll be dining on Boiled cauliflower in gravy, but I think I might still have just a little condensed milk left for cooking. If you mix it half and half with water, it becomes milk again. It doesn't taste like fresh milk, but it's better than nothing. Now let's see...I don't have any shortening left...but I have some oil...let's see what I can whip up...
Oh hey, that'll work! The drop biscuits don't need any shortening, you can just use oil. I've got that! Let me put on some chicory coffee to perk and I'll be right back with my mixing bowls.

The thing about ration recipes is that they don't usually make all that much, and I'll admit these biscuits are a little dry, but with some margarine and homemade jam, they taste just great!

I'm out of sugar for my coffee, but I still have some sweetened condensed milk to put in it, and I've found that I actually like that better than cream and sugar. Especially with chicory coffee.

Ah, a real wartime breakfast! How lucky we are that we have SOMETHING. I don't mind scrimping and rationing if it'll help our boys get what they need to end this war any faster.

Thanks, Boys!